Precise Detection Systems, s.r.o.

We devote to developing and construction of
measurement systems based on the detectors
of ionizing radiation with maximum degree of
accuracy under minimal radiation dose.

   Without new tools is not new knowledge.

Research and Development

We are devoting to applied research and experimental development of precise measurement and imaging systems with detectors of ionizing radiation which they have high potential for utilization in industry and medical sciences. A part of these activities deals with development of software tools whose common goal is to increase work efficiency.

Our scientific research in the field of development of software tools is financed partly from our funds and partly from supports received from grant agencies. If the development of software tools was supported by any of the grant agencies under their competitions, then such software is distributed as "freeware". In contrast, the development of precise measuring and imaging systems is fully in our outgoings.

Currently developed software tools:

Currently, we have been developing software package that allows efficient calculations in atomic physics. The initial idea of this development is the need to replace simulators of X-ray spectra, which works on the principle of Monte Carlo methods, by a faster tool that uses analytical methods to describe the phenomena in the physics of atomic shells. A simple example demonstrating this need is to estimate apparatus spectra induced by X-rays in radiation detectors. The spectrum induced by X-rays in one detector can be estimated using Monte-Carlo simulations. Simulation of spectra induced in each pixel of any pixel detector with number of pixels on levels of tens thousands or millions is very inefficient.

The software package is based on original works published in peer-reviewed scientific journals with impact factor and databases based on the collection of large amounts of experimental data. This package currently contains a tool for calculating the continuous X-ray spectrum (Bremmstrahlung) and the public database "Evaluated Data Library (EDL)" describing some static and dynamic properties and phenomena in physics of atomic shells.


The software tool Bremsstrahlung serves for fast computation of the continuous part of X-ray spectra. This tool gains from the work: Kissel, Quarles, Pratt: Shape functions for atomic-field bremsstrahlung from electrons of kinetic energy 1-500 keV on selected neutral atoms 1 <= Z <= 92, Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables, Vol. 28, No. 3, May 1983.

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Evaluated Data Library

The software package Evaluated Data Library (EDL) defines and creates access on homonymous database which describes phenomena in atomic shells. The database has been created on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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