Precise Detection Systems, s.r.o.

We devote to developing and construction of
measurement systems based on the detectors
of ionizing radiation with maximum degree of
accuracy under minimal radiation dose.

           Precision is our business.

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Main content of our work in the Precise Detection Systems, s.r.o. (PDS) is exploiting of knowledge gained from research and development in the field of detectors of ionizing radiation with intention to obtain precise and modern instruments suitable for applications in medical sciences and industry. Our products are:

  • prototypes and functional samples of measurement setups,
  • software for acquisition and analysis of measured data,
  • numerical and analytical tools for significant increasing of efficiency of calculations in atomic, nuclear, and particle physics.


The measurement setups are designed to provide the most precise results with the fastest response under conditions of minimal radiation dose and with respect to the environment. Designs of the measuring setups exploit the most modern technologies supplemented by modern detectors of ionizing radiation. On designs of the measuring setups, we are collaborating with leading research institutions as in the Czech Republic as in foreign countries.


We provide the measurement setups with necessary software for data acquisition and according to customer requirements also with plug-ins for data analysis. In the field of software development, we focus on numerical and analytical tools which significantly improve the efficiency of calculations needed in modern technologies of data analysis and numerical simulations.


In a frame of services, we are offering:

  • consultations,
  • bibliographic search,
  • specific measurements and research activities.


Our additional activities contain mainly training of professional and unskilled public in:

  • utilization of detectors of ionizing radiation,
  • performing of software tools for data acquisition and data analysis,
  • basic and advanced applications of knowledge of atomic, nuclear, and particle physics.


Research and Development

In the frame of Research and Development, we are dealing with applied research and experimental development of systems based on radiation detectors providing precise measurement and imaging with high potential of utilization in medical sciences and industry.


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