Precise Detection Systems, s.r.o.

We devote to developing and construction of
measurement systems based on the detectors
of ionizing radiation with maximum degree of
accuracy under minimal radiation dose.

           Precision is our business.

Products in development

Precise measurement of material thickness with fast feedback

Operation of this setup is based on registration of each individual photon of X-rays using a BaF2 scintillating detector with fast photo-multiplayer. Main goal is to obtain a setup which is able also under conditions prevailing in heavy industry to measure thickness of homogenous material with relative accuracy on a level of 10^-3 in time in order of several milliseconds and under condition of minimal radiation dose.

Detection of fission fragments with precise energy and time spectroscopy

From the point of view of detection techniques, the fission fragments are heavy charged particles producing strong ionization in semiconductor radiation detectors. It is possible to measure their energy with good precision using surface-barrier silicon detectors. Main problem is that different fragments can have different mass and different electric charge and, therefore, they can have different calibration curve (a relation between measured quantity and fragment energy). For correct estimation of the fragment mass (M), charge (Q), and energy (E), it is necessary at least three independent measured quantities. Such possible quantities are time of fly (T) of fission fragment, height of the signal (S) which is induced by fission fragment in detector, and shape (Sh) of the signal which is given by charge collection in semiconductor radiation detectors. Development of such system is oriented mainly on understanding and consequential exploiting of relation between (M, Q, E) and (T, S, Sh).

Complex laboratory setups for experimental study of position sensitive detectors of ionizing radiation

Position sensitive semiconductor detectors developed for as tracking as 2D and 3D imaging belong among the most modern detection techniques in atomic, nuclear, and particle physics. For their study, it is necessary a complex measuring setup which enable to test such detectors under predefined and controlled conditions using narrow beams of particles of ionizing radiations.