Precise Detection Systems, s.r.o.

We devote to developing and construction of
measurement systems based on the detectors
of ionizing radiation with maximum degree of
accuracy under minimal radiation dose.

  Our services make easy your development.


Main idea why and which services to provide is based on the fact that industrialists and traders are able to buy anything for realization of their project what is possible to bill customers. However, the industrialists and traders always ponder carefully whether and which things to buy for own needs and development.

For example, under construction of machines or devices on customer orders, it is possible to buy immediately and to bill consecutively all materials, components and as well as all tools necessary for their completion. However, to develop and construct the machines or devices is moot if it is necessary first to determine whether any of the components of the machines or devices is or not appropriate for their construction and cost of any measurement setup which is necessary need to determine this fact significantly exceeds the price of these machines or devices. Since costs of even simple experimental setups used in nuclear and particle physics are on levels from several tens thousands to several hundreds thousands Euros, to procure of such setups is very difficult or impossible.

One of goals of our company is to establish a laboratory which will be equipped by the widest palette of detectors of ionizing radiation, instruments of nuclear and particle physics and in which it will be possible to prepare and to test any measurement setup. It enables on a base of requirements of industrialists and traders to choose the best measurement setup. By this way, the industrialists and traders will obtain information how and where to buy necessary components and how to construct this setup correctly.

Actually offering services:


We are offering consultations for traders, industrialists, and members of research groups which intend some activities with sources of ionizing radiation with intention to determine if utilization of such sources is essential. If yes, to determine which type of radiation sources, radiation detectors, and which techniques are the best. A part of the consultation is always devoted to guidance which legal rules are related to the intended activities.


Bibliographic search

New observations and facts are published each three months; whole world is changed each three years. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and to study constantly new information. In a frame of our services, we are offering bibliographic searches in field of R&D of radiation detectors under desideration of customers.


Specific measurements and research activities

On request, we are performing specific measurements on a base of customer needs, e.g., calibration and verification measurements, experiments in a frame of R&D activities, etc. Our R&D activities are led as with intention to improve parameters of current measuring and imaging systems as with goal to construct new detection systems and to observe new detection techniques.

These measurements and activities are offered mainly for customers from research institutions who need to perform a series of measurements one times or for a short period but they do not want to build own experimental laboratory background. Required measurements and necessary activities can be performed in our labs in a form of outsourcing.